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FREE Winter Safety CheckFree

We can soon wave goodbye to autumn and say hello to the dreadful winter cold temperatures. Therefore, we must ensure that our vehicles are in the best shape to cope with the freezing winter conditions.

According to the RAC, you're 50% more likely to break down at home during the winter than in the Summer. That's why it's important to check over your vehicle to ensure that it is safe and ready for the winter.

So for peace of mind, we are now offering a FREE Winter Safety Check for all our customers, so you don’t feel left out in the cold!

Your FREE Winter Safety Check includes:

Porsche Winter Checks

Please don't get caught out this winter, contact us to book in your car for your FREE Winter Safety Check.

FREE - 141 Point Inspection and Safety CheckFree

Are you curious to understand the general condition of your car? If so, why not take advantage of our FREE 141 point inspection and safety check.

All our checks included detailed inspection of the following:-

Porsche Inspections

Each of the main areas mentioned above include many checks for each area, totalling a comprehensive 141 point inspection and safety check. No stone is left unturned and more checks are undertaken than an MOT test!

At the end of the test you will be given a report on the findings.

LN Engineering IMS Bearing Retrofit UpgradeFrom £995

What is an IMS Bearing and why upgrade?

One of the weaknesses identified in recent years by Porsche has been the intermediate shaft bearing (IMS bearing), which supports the intermediate shaft on the flywheel end of the engine.

The IMS bearing is a sealed ball bearing which is pressed into the intermediate shaft and is designed to be used in dry conditions, so the area where Porsche designed the bearing to sit must be dry.

After years of use, it would appear that oil and contaminants from the engine seep past the bearing seal, wash out the original lubricant and become trapped inside. The result is that the bearing now operates in a less-than-ideal environment and begins to wear prematurely.

When the bearing wears out, the timing chains on the engine may disengage, causing major damage to the engine (in most cases, it's usually terminal). Also as the bearing deteriorates, swarf debris from the bearing circulates throughout the engine, causing damage to other areas in the engine.

If you are concerned about an IMS failure, we are offering the intermediate bearing retrofit upgrade from £995.00 + vat. The LN Engineering bearing kit is a world leading IMS upgrade that has the reputation of being the best IMS solution available for either the Porsche Boxster 986 or 911 996.

What cars are susceptible to an IMS failure?

All model year 1997-2008 Boxster, Cayman, and 911 models can suffer from IMS failures, with exception of Turbo, GT2, or GT3 models.

How can I check for an IMS bearing problem?

At every oil change, check the filter and magnetic drain plug for any debris (swarf) and/or small pieces of plastic (bearing seal). If sparkly metallic debris is present, you must stop driving your car immediately and install an IMS Retrofit upgrade. Even if there is only a small amount, it is probably a good indication that your bearing is starting to fail.

Other indicators that you may have an IMS issue include oil leaks at the rear of the engine. Oil leaks between the engine and gearbox or usually an indication that there is an RMS leak. However, if the IMS bearing is starting to fail, the IMS flange seal will start to leak oil and this will cause an oil leak between the engine and gearbox (same area as RMS).

How do I know which IMS my engine has?From £995

As long as the engine in your vehicle is original to the car, you can expect to find the following:

If your vehicle has a replacement engine, expect to find the prevailing bearing used by Porsche in those years. If the engine was made for MY06 or later, it will have the late revision, larger IMS bearing which is not serviceable without complete disassembly of the engine.

Is a new oil filter and oil included in the price?

Yes. We will change your oil filter and drain and re-fill your oil with a choice of Mobil 5w40 or 0w40. Also as a matter of course, we will also replace your RMS.

How much will it cost?

All prices are subject to VAT.

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Porsche Cayenne Air Suspension Repairs from £295From £295

Porsche Air SuspensionThis is quite a common fault, which if repaired at an official Porsche centre, can be very costly.

Want to save money? If so, we can fully diagnose using the official PIWIS diagnostics system your air suspension fault and will repair for a fraction of the cost that a main dealer would charge.

In alot of cases, the compressor isn't at fault rather a faulty sensor. However, in the unfortunate event that your compressor is faulty we can repair or replace this too, again saving you money off any of our competitors

Porsche Cayenne V8 Coolant Pipe upgrade from £695From £695

Cayenne Coolant PipesAll Porsche Cayenne V8 models (4.5S and Turbo) manufactured between 2003-2006 came from the factory with plastic coolant tubes located beneath the intake manifold and they are notorious for splitting and leaking due to overheating.

We can remove the original plastic coolant tubes and replace them with the new aluminium pipes which Porsche introduced in 2007 to superseded the older plastic design.

Being made from aluminium, they are far more resistant to heat so as the coolant temperature rises, the pipes do not expand and contract in the same way as the older plastic pipes and therefore are not prone to leaking. This gives you a permanent fix and peace of mind.

Please note: Our price includes the full aluminium coolant pipe upgrade and NOT just the main coolant pipes found under the intake manifold. We only supply geniune Porsche parts.

Boxster 2.5/2.7 and Cayman 2.7 Clutch replacementFrom £465

Porsche Boxster ClutchWe can replace your clutch for a fraction of the O.P.C price and give you a 2 year warranty on clutch parts. Given our ‘Price Promise’, we will try and beat any like for like quote on clutch fitment and supply.

We currently have a special offer on Boxster 2.5/2.7 and Cayman 2.7 clutch replacement at only £465!

All work is carried out by fully trained ex-OPC technicians, so you know that your car is in safe hands!

All prices are subject to VAT.

Retro-Fit Cruise Control and On Board Computer - 911, Boxster, Cayman and CayenneFrom £195

Porsche Cruise ControlDoes your Boxster or 911 have cruise control or an on-board computer?

No! Maybe this is an option that you feel your beloved Porsche should have?

If so, CavendishPorscha can retro fit an official Porsche On-board computer and/or official Porsche Cruise control system. All components used are official Porsche parts, including genuine Porsche stalk controls.

We do not fit third party solutions! Your Porsche is a precision piece of engineering and only the best quality components should be fitted to it.

On-board Computer system, supplied and fitted for only £195

Cruise control supplied and fitted for the following models:-

Add £50 to above prices for all 996 and 986 models if the 4 stalk including Onboard Computer and cruise is installed.

All prices are subject to VAT.