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Always offering you a great service at a great price!

I first used the lads at Cavendish when my husband and I were looking for advice and guidance with the purchase of our first Porsche Boxster. We met with Simon who advised us of the things to watch out for and also offered to carry out an inspection of any vehicle before we purchased it. This gave us peace of mind and a bargaining chip towards the purchase price of our eventual purchase. We took Simon up on his offer and when we had found the Boxster we liked, we had an inspection on the vehicle and several faults were identified and prioritised in order of importance. We agreed on a price with the seller off the basis of the report and were more than happy with our new purchase.

After 2 years of looking after our Boxster we upgraded to the newer 987 model which has recently been to Cavendish for a service. Both my husband and I loved the new place and my husband particularly liked the customer waiting room and helped himself to plenty of filter coffee and watched far too much TV (Men!).

Pauline Williams

Porsche Boxster Gen II 987

These days it's hard to find a good Porsche Independent you can fully trust.

I have been using the technicians at CavendishPorscha for over 5 years, even though it's over 15 miles away!

Simon and the team carry out faultless work on my Porsche 964 at very reasonable prices. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Great work, keep it up!

Martin Cook

Porsche 911 964

I have been very impressed with the level of service that Simon and his team have given me, while maintaining my Cayman S. Also, their knowledge and enthusiasm for the brand gives me confidence that I have chosen the right Porsche specialist to look after my car.

I would certainly recommend them to other Porsche owners!

Tim Marshall

Porsche Cayman S

I am not sure how you did it but the car has been transformed!

I was always delighted with it's power, sound, handling etc, but for some reason, it is now on another level.

I don't know how fitting a new clutch can make that much difference, but she now needs actively holding back, the clutch is easy to depress, the bite is exact, the throttle response is immediate, the exhaust growls, she takes off! What can I say?

Thanks to your lads for a top job

Statham Bates

Porsche Boxster 3.2S 986

I first took my 997 C4S to Cavendish the day after purchasing it from a dealer in London. It developed an intermittent fault with the rear spoiler on my first journey home. This proved difficult to find the cause of but the lads at Cavendish Porsche didn't give up and now my spoiler works again as it should do!

While at Cavendish I took them up on their free 141 point inspection, which I would recommend to any new owner. A few common issues were highlighted which were not picked up by a pre purchase inspection I paid for by a well known mobile porsche consultant! All these issues were sorted by Cavendish at very good prices and they always kept me up to date while the repairs were being carried out.

I would highly recommend Cavendish to anyone who's looking for a Porsche Specialist. They really know their stuff and couldn't be more helpful in trying to fix any problem no matter how small or complicated it may be.

Tim Harrison

Porsche 911 C4S 987

I purchased my first Porsche which is a 911 Turbo from a dealer in Lichfield. It very quickly established problems, so I informed the dealer who was extremely dismissive and showed no intentions of sorting it out.

I decided that I needed to get the car inspected, so I contacted CavendishPorscha and requested a free 141 point check. They came the very next day and picked my car up from my house, some 30 miles away from their premises!

They examined the car and produced a report which highlighted 3 major faults and a number of minor faults. I presented this report to the dealer in Lichfield who agreed to pay for the parts which came to £1050. Cavendish Porsche then fixed all problems and reassured me that the car now in tip top shape.

In summary, if looking for a new car, get it inspected before you commit to buy. It could save you a lot of money and worry.

I will use Cavendish Porsche for all my work in the future. Thanks to Adam and Simon for all their help.

Ajay Sudra

Porsche 911 Turbo 996

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All prices include Porsche approved fully and semi synthetic oils, genuine parts, labour and sundries.

We also offer a free local collection and delivery service of your Porsche, and with every service, your Porsche will be returned sparkling clean. Please note that all prices advertised are exclusive of VAT.

Price ListMinorMajor
924 including Turbo£169£269
944 including Turbo£199£299
928 all models£229£369
968 all models£199£329
911 Carrera 3.2/3.2SC£219£379
911 Turbo 3.3/3.6£259£469
964 911 Carrera C2 and C4£259£469
993 including Turbo£249£399
996 911 Carrera C2 and C4 inc. 'S'£199£379
996 Turbo/GT2/GT3£209£409
986 Boxster 2.7 and 3.2S£199£379
987 Boxster 2.7 and 3.2S£199£379
997 911 Carrera C2 and C4 inc. 'S'£199£379
997 Turbo/GT2/GT3£209£489
Cayman 2.9 and 3.4S£199£379
Cayenne V6£199£379
Cayenne V8/GTS/Turbo£239£399
Panamera including Turbo£269£399